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Each year we recognize agencies and individuals through an awards program for remarkable achievements and contributions to the public-sector HR profession. The Awards Program includes the Muriel M. Morse Achievement Award, the Agency Awards for Excellence, the Outstanding Chapter Award, the Resilient Chapter Award, and the Emerging Leaders Scholarship Awards.

We hope to have a diverse representation of honorees so please nominate an individual and/or organization for any of the following awards:


Muriel M. Morse Achievement Award

The Muriel M. Morse Achievement Award is presented to a member of our organization who exemplifies the positive attributes that made Muriel Morse a memorable individual. Among her many leadership positions, Muriel was President of both the Western Region and IPMA-HR. She retired from the City of Los Angeles as the General Manager of the Personnel Department and continued her career as an adjunct professor with the University of Southern California. Muriel played an important role in the development of excellence in the City’s Personnel Department, but more so in the development of the Personnel Department staff. She was both a model and a mentor, and she relished both roles. She was extremely committed to professional organizations and the value they bring to the workplace. She encouraged her staff to participate and grow within these organizations.

Agency Awards for Excellence

The Agency Awards for Excellence are designed to recognize the overall quality, accomplishments, and contributions of an agency human resources program or team that exceeds the normal operation of good government human resources. The awards will be based on program initiatives, accomplishments, and contributions that have been innovative, cross-functional, interagency, and in service of our organizations and communities.

Outstanding Chapter Award

The Outstanding Chapter Award was developed to recognize and honor a chapter in the following areas of evaluation: 1) Innovation and diversity in chapter programs; 2) Resourcefulness in publicity and marketing; 3) Effectiveness in operations; 4) Support for community activities; and 5) Resiliency to recover from and adapt to stresses.

Resilient Chapter Award

The Resilient Chapter Award was developed to recognize and honor a chapter that has successfully implemented a strategy to recover from and adapt to stresses in any of following areas of evaluation: 1) chapter membership, 2) board engagement, 3) program development, 4) chapter operations, or 5) chapter finances.

Emerging Leaders Scholarship Awards

Established in 2017, the purpose of the award is to support the development of emerging HR professionals in the public sector. Scholarships range from $250 - $1,000, depending upon the number of recipients, and are intended to enable members to increase their professional growth and development by participating in programs such as IPMA-HR meetings, conferences, seminars, and workshops.


The Western Region Board is currently accepting nominations for these awards and is requesting your consideration of individuals and/or organizations that have demonstrated the outstanding qualities described above. The awards will be presented in a special online webinar.

To nominate an individual or organization for one of the recognition awards, please visit: Awards Nomination Form Nominations for any of the recognition awards must be received by Friday, June 28, 2024.

Our goal is to make the nomination process as simple as possible to recognize and share the amazing work done by professionals and organizations within our region. If you would like to make a nomination but find yourself short on time or unable to complete the nomination in writing, please contact David Kitchen (dkitchen@lehi-ut.gov) to discuss alternative submission options.

Feel free to forward this information to all your colleagues. For further information or if you have any questions regarding the awards, please contact David Kitchen (dkitchen@lehi-ut.gov)

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